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A Letter to The Magician.

With all sacred knowledge comes responsibility.

To be and act ethically and in accordance with higher and greater good of all involved.

It can be a tricky subject when one fully doesn't obtain the capacity of his power and actions.

To be whole and holy is to be a fully integrated BEing, one that is connected to the heart from the grounded place of the lower self to the etherial higher self.

To be and act from the heart is of the path. The

Yet people get lost in the illusion of the mind and the ego.

As we step deeper into this journey of awakening and ascending not all are ready for the transition at this time. We all ascend but not all-together.

One must obtain awareness, transformation, sustain purity and focus, contain ethical vision and virtues, along with practices, and tools needed for living the life where we are going.

We have to be Conscious. Present. Deliberate. Always.

Where we are going manifestations transcend time and reality as we know it, thoughts come to life in a blink of 'now'. There is much power to hold to live a life in these realms.

Will you be joining us?

Human game.The ego.

It holds its power in the grand and subtle ways. Most are of control, manipulation, ignorance, arrogance and fear-based lifestyle choices.

What is it like to follow the wisdom of your Soul vs being led by the fear of the ego?

A lesson one learns with time and experience.

Follow the song of your Heart, it knows what home feels like.

Follow the Light. Not the temptations.

Your journey has just begun. Expect for it to get worse before it gets better.

Expect to let yourself go. Time after time again. Layer after layer.

Shedding old skin, mostly conditioned by the system you grew up and reside in.

You're smart but you're not wise. Not yet. Time will fix that. Pure desire will support that.

You'll be tested and challenged. Expect it. Be ready to ride the wild waves of ascension as your ego will fight for control while your Soul will gently nudge. Will you allow it or resist it?

You know your power, and you also have been learning how to use it. Not all is Light. Power can also be dark, very dark.

Don't get trapped in it- by the feeling of it. Read that again.

Ego can slip in the most subtle ways, disguising as a "healer", "lover", "friend" ; stay pure in your intentions. Never take what isn't yours. And always give it back.

Soul doesn't lead with power, it leads with wisdom, allowing and flow. You have to learn to listen and pay attention.

You've been tangled up with so much over the years, lifetimes.

People, places, situations, and concepts.

What is serving you?

This life is beyond what you know, there is so much beyond the physical, beyond the science, the medical, technological understanding. Just because you learned it, doesn't make it true on ALL levels of reality.

You don't know, what you don't know. Read that again.

Energy is where most people lack awareness in. How it works, how it affects us, how it is being used against us. And how we are it.

We are energetic BEings, in huMAN form. Some of us know this, we sense this, we feel this in ways words can not describe. This body is just a grounded seen part of who we truly are.

We are affected by everything - especially now. Frequencies of the world's panic, frequencies of the 5G, electric towers, chemical pollution, global catalysts - all created to hold us back from ascension, to instill fear through manipulation, control, and false information that is being constantly fed to the public.

Know thyself. Know the world you live in, feel into your heart.

What is it calling you towards?

Listen, listen carefully, is it your heart or your ego that you're hearing, powerful is the ego to pretend and lead you astray. Listen to your heart, your instincts and pay attention.

Remember your spirit animal.

Follow its calling. Pay attention to the numbers. Pay Attention!

Don't let the darkness, fears and insecurity control you.

Untangle yourself. Energetically mostly.

Find out who you are beyond who you've created yourself to be till now.

This isn't even a small portion of who you truly are.

Know that the Lighthouse is within you, it has always been.

Take care of yourself, beware of the dark Magician within you.

Eye see you!

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