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Emotional Purging

Id like to share a bit about emotional purging in this post. The inspiration for this just came to me after I read a woman's post on one of the Tantra groups of how she was concerned why she felt like crying after having an orgasm.

So, emotional purging! Is so so valuable to our spiritual growth, and understanding it, accepting it and allowing it, will help to transform your life and release things you might never knew you even had.

Lets take a look at how our bodies eliminate physical waste without getting too scientific: through bowels, urination, sweat, menses(women) are to name a few.

However we don't often think of how our body eliminates our emotional baggage. Being aware of the fact that we are spiritual beings and that energy is our essence, we can come to understand that emotional and energetic pain get stored in our physical body if we don't have a conscious practice of working through specific issues. Most of the time we are not even aware of what gets stored and where. So our body has its own creative and amazing way to help us release emotional pain through the act of crying. There are other ways but in this post I am focusing on crying.

"We need to learn how to cry before we learn how to laugh. You can’t laugh away your negative emotions. They’re still going to be there, underneath, even if they are diluted.

Crying is natures way of relieving our ‘tensions’ and our burdens. It doesn’t make our problems disappear, no. But it helps us to deal with our problems in a more level-headed way. In essence, crying helps us to live more lively and self-understanding lives.

It’s essential to acknowledge and express our emotions when learning how to reconnect with our souls." - Aletheia Luna

So going back to the beginning of the post, the woman who had the desire to cry, was experiencing an emotional release that she didn't know about that came through her orgasm. And that is a beautiful way to release something. We might not all be so lucky to reach those state of release, however id like to ask you this:

How often do you cry? And more important questions is this: do you suppress your crying, when you feel like you want to do it?

Check out this article for more insight on this topic.

I personally been crying and laughing a lot through out my healing journey, especially when I am in a plant medicine circle. I've learned to embrace and honor such experiences as profound stepping stones in healing aspects of myself that I don't even understand. The important part is to give in and allow your body to purge, you will feel better at the end, and your life just might get a bit lighter!

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