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Professional Organizing, De-cluttering 
and Holistic Home Care Services


Is there a space in your home that makes you feel overwhelmed
and you don’t know how or where to even start?

  • Are you frustrated with the clutter in your home?

  • Do you want to make your space clean, neat and more efficient?

  • Are you a busy professional who just doesn't have the time to tend to you home?

  • Tired of never being able to find what you need when you need it? 

  • Does the mess, clutter and that dirty microwave in your home makes you feel anxious?

  • Do you want you home to feel peaceful, so you can let go and enjoy your space?



The effects of dirty, messy, cluttered spaces can be crippling to your family and work life,

your energy levels and your relationships. Our space has so much to do with how we feel

and sometimes we simply don't have time to keep it up!

Who doesn’t like a clean, organized, and a beautiful space?


A home that looks and feels good.

A home where everything is in its place and you know exactly where your keys are at.


I understand that no everyone has time, energy or ability to maintain their home the way they really would love to. We all have to find ways in managing our time and dedicate our energy to what is most needed. And for some organization simply isn’t their thing! And that is absolutely okay, because that’s where I come in!


In my philosophy I believe that our space has a lot to say about us and has a huge impact on dictating how we feel and live. Which is why I am so passionate about creating and helping my clients in setting up functional organization systems and ways to maintain your home so that you have more time for fun and less time worrying and stressing out about the clutter and looking for missing items.


I’m sure you can agree that you want your home to feel like your sanctuary, your Zen space where you can go retrieve and spend quality time with your family. But if stuff, clutter and mess is in the way, it can be hard to feel at ease.


I do not just help you get organized but I help you de-clutter and make your life literally lighter by helping you navigate through the journey of letting go!

If you feel that is something you are ready for.


We accumulate items over the years as a symbolic meaning for emotions and memories that hold certain feelings for us. Many people have hard time of letting go, and feel deep attachment to physical stuff as a way to cope with their emotions and inability to let go and move on.

My take on living a life that feels light, inspired and free is deeply associated with only having what we truly need and love. Minimizing our lifestyle to essentials which eliminates hoarding and material attachments. 

My approach to this work is from a therapeutic perspective.

I work with you side by side by helping you first de-clutter
before I move into the organizing.


As you take a journey through letting go of your physical stuff, you will find that freedom and lightness will fill your Soul allowing you to feel more open, creating space within and on the outside for you to feel at peace. 

I will transform your home and its spaces with careful and mindful consideration for your personal needs and style.

Are you ready for a transformation? Then let's get started! 

I Offer Organization for:
Closets • Bathrooms • Kitchen  • Pantry
Office • Play Rooms • Garage • Attic

Other Services:
Cleaning • De-Cluttering • Packing/Unpacking
Holistic Home Care  
Sacred Zen Space Design
Energetic Clearing & Home Blessings
Work With Me:
Option 1 - Help me do it!

You are ready to get help with organizing,

de-cluttering, packing or unpacking!


Let me do it for you!

My in-person hourly fee starts at $60

for an average project. Minimum booking is 3 hours.


Supplies and materials are not included.

15$ per visit will be applied for locations

15mi outside of Ft.Lauderdale FL.

Option 2 - I do it myself!

I will coach you and give you tools you need to get your space where you need it at your own pace. 

Virtual 1-hour coaching call is $100, followed by links and suggestions with tools and resources for your spacial needs.

We can schedule follow up calls if you need additional help.

Option 3 - Home cleaning

Your home is in good shape but can use some TLC in the cleaning and maintaining department?

No worries I got you! I love to clean and transform spaces not only physically but also energetically, and cleaning does just that, as we lift away dust and debris we clear up the energy of the space, creating a greater sense of peace and relaxation.


My cleaning fees depend on the size and condition of your space.

An average visit for a 1/1 or 2/1 size apartment is $100.


For larger homes and condos a flat rate is determined upon our consultation call!


PS. Ask me about my Holistic Home Care, because let's be honest, you don't want

toxic chemicals around your home, family, or pets!

Option 4 - Spiritual cleansing and blessing

Are you moving into a new home and want to reset and clear out energies from previous owners?

Or are you sensing the "weird" vibe in your current space and want to clear that out?
Allow me to come in and transform the dense, heavy, and weird vibes into those of clear, fresh, and recharged energy. I use herbs, sounds, and specific prayers to uplift the vibration of your space so that you can thrive and love being in your sacred space (home)! 
$150 for an average family home/apartment. for inquiries 

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