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Imagine feeling and knowing that you are doing everything possible to support your health
on all levels allowing yourself to function at your ultimate capacity.
Imagine a life with no aches and pains, a mind that is at peace,
waking up each day spiritually grounded, with joy, purpose and fulfillment!
To book a particular session please send an email request to
stating which service you would like and your name and phone number.
Payments are to be made prior each session via PayPal, Venmo or Cash
My healing studio is located in Fort Lauderdale FL.
Hours: 11am-8pm
Want a healing session in your home?
I am available for in-home sessions for an additional $30 fee 15mi within Ft.Lauderdale area.
Vedic Thai-Yoga Bodywork 
60 min                      $150
90 min                      $200

Session includes:

  • Thai Bodywork

  • Assisted Yoga Stretches

  • Acupressure 

  • Reflexology 

  • Aromatherapy 

  • Guided Meditation

Vibrational Energy Healing 
60 min                      $150
90 min                      $200

Session includes:

  • Energetic and emotional assessment 

  • Full Chakra Clearing/Balancing

  • Aromatherapy Infused Reiki Healing

  • Crystal Bowls Guided Meditation

  • Grounding Head Massage

1:1 Coaching 
1 session                   $200
4x sessions                $600
8x sessions                $1200

Session includes:

  • 60 minute video or voice call

  • Personalized guidance just for you

  • Unconditional support and personal cheerleader who wants to see you succeed in finding YOUR JOY!

  • Personalized guided meditations and PDF supportive workbooks and homework

Private Yoga Classes 
1 session                       $60
4 sessions                    $220
8 sessions                    $450
Sessions includes:​​
  • 60 minute private yoga session customized to your personal needs.

  • Choose from: Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin or Kundalini style class.

  • Assisted Yoga Stretches

  • Alignment and Form Adjustment

  • Aromatherapy 

Sessions are held at a local park or your private residence. Email for discounted group and corporate rates.

Crystal Bowls Sound Healing Meditation
60 min                        $150


Experience healing frequencies of crystal bowls in a magical ambient environment, infused with aromatherapy as I guide you into a deep Theta state meditation, where your mind-body and soul can fully surrender and receive Divine healing, clearing and activation!

Session is also available for events and small private gatherings. I bring the bowls and the decor to transform any space into a healing portal. Email for more group pricing and info.

Sacred Ceremonies
and Tantric Rituals 
Starting rate               $300​



Rituals are tools that give us the freedom to take responsibility for the direction and purpose of our lives. I design and curate magical rituals with your specific needs and intentions; 

please email me to get more information about this service. Read more about rituals here.

Few topics for a ritual:

Moving on after death/breakup

Calling in new manifestations

Invoking healing powers 

Preparing for conception/birth

And much more...

18-05-02AM 081_edited.jpg
"Healing takes place on many levels, and the more we can understand our self, our actions and thoughts and how they affect our lives,  the more we can understand the world around us and how we are creating it.
Allowing us to start living from a place of conscious understanding and greater awareness."
~ Aly
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