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my journey

Lighthouse Journey

My awakening journey began a little bit before the energetic shift into the Aquarian Age took place on December 21, 2012. I started my path with seeing 11:11 everywhere and I knew that something was starting to happend inside of me. My first purchase that was made that pushed me into my current direction was a set of the 7 Chakra crystals. I had no idea what Chakras or crystals were at the time but I felt called to start working with crystals and learning more about them.


Few years forward I was hooked into learning anything I could get my hands on when it came to spirituality, healing, other worlds and dimensions.


I spent 2 years doing mass-research on the world I live in, I wanted to find truth for myself when it came to certain conspiracies and theories. I learned about the societal programming and why our governments limit our information exposure, I learned about the food industry and how so much of it is filled with toxic chemicals that over time are killing and damaging our bodies. I learned about the pharmaceutical industry and what their true intention is. I discovered truth about water fluoridation and why fluoride appears in so many products, foods and drinks. I read and watched tons of videos and over the years came to a conclusion that people are unconsciously being poisoned physically and mentally. Which then lead me into completely changing my way of life. I now was aware and conscious and started reading labels of the products I ate, products I bought for my home and body and started disconnecting from the news and television because I now wanted to feed my mind & body with what was nurturing and inspiring.


My own transformation was taking place as it all started with the mind, me learning and finding out truth about things I knew nothing about. After learning about all the toxicity that was going into my body I then went through a serious detoxification process of ridding my body of heavy metals, clearing out fluoride and other elements that were keeping my energetic vibration heavy and low. The whole purpose of this purge was to start living a life of high vibration which allows us to find clarity, feel greater energy, have better health, feel more joy and be more present with life itself. My awakening was happening as I was taking conscious steps towards it.


As my journey went on with huge physical and mental changes I started diving deeper into Spirituality and finding my own truth, my own rules for what I wanted to believe in. Through meditation and conscious rituals I was able to gain greater access to new information and a connection to Source. I started connecting to my Guides on the other sides and understanding that I am not alone on this path. Neither of us are. We all have a Divine team of Beings who are out there in higher dimensions who are ready to help and guide us, when we are ready to call on their help.


Fast forward to now, I have awakened and remembered who I Am. My DNA has been activated and every year since 2012 I feel a greater connection to all there is. My past-life memories have been coming up allowing me to reconnect to the gifts that I once had.


I now know that I am part of the collective consciousness and  that my Soul is from another world where peace and harmony resides and that I come here as a Healer, a Blue Ray Starseed to be of service to Love, Light and authentic Truth. Facilitating the ascension and evolution of the New Earth.


My work here is to raise the collective consciousness and frequency of the Earth to assist in awakening of the humanity and to remind people of who they are through my own creative expression of Healing Arts and Spiritual Guidance.



- Lao Tzu

My purpose:
To raise the vibration of the Earth and help to awaken the collective consciousness.
To educate, empower and provide tools for self-discovery,
self-improvement and self-development.
To remind people of their Light, their strength
and their gifts that are waiting to be discovered.
To heal and transform low-vibrational energies, creating portals
through which love can enter and help us remember our truth!
Providing support and guidance to those going through their awakening process.
Educating and sharing tools for conscious and mindful living practices.
Holding space and assisting in transforming energetic blocks,
making room for inner healing to take place.
Assisting in eliminating of limiting beliefs, breaking patterns
and rewriting the story to fit desired goals.
Facilitate sacred ceremonies and rituals helping us connect to the other realms of wisdom.
Reminding that life is full of magic, joy, harmony and love.
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