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Hello June, Whats been good?

I'm feeling this New Moon Eclipse and I am so grateful for this wave of beautiful energy!

I had a very difficult last couple weeks.

May has been intense, painful, confusing, uncertain and emotionally dense. I was out of my flow and feeling much discomfort within my mental and emotional realms.

A lot of it has to do with my still healing from my previous relationship which still has its lingering ties to me in the energetic realms. I've been at a distance from him for almost 4 months, forgiving, clearing and cutting cords but that wasn't enough. This person won't give me a conscious uncoupling ending space, so even though I desire to end things and move on, he is still latching on to "be friends". That is not a space that feels good and so I am still processing, healing and distancing from it.

Highlights of May was an amazing trip to Gennie Springs for a camping tubing weekend and my trip to Colorado for ISTA Training.

Coming back June still had funky I find out there is an entity in my house. It was a mans spirit, that decided to stay following one of my client's departure. How did I know? I woke up one day looked in the mirror & saw man's essence around me. I felt it and I saw it through myself. The time he was in my home I felt DRAINED, uninspired, fat, and emotionally stuck.

He stuck around for good 2 weeks until I had to call for help from all my spirit gurus to pray and do astral clearing work on my home to get him out. He left 2 days ago...and I woke up finally feeling like myself.

Spirits are real and some have no boundaries and ill intent.

I was frustrated because I felt violated in my free will.

He was not welcomed and it surprised me that despite all the crystal grids I got set up he still got in. It's the battle of free wills as my friend pointed out. We have to get stronger in our intention, claiming your domain and being aware of what is present. Some spirits intend to attach & drain as their free will, so now we get to battle things that we cant even see....

- like what is that? This was not part of my human-Earth life user manual.

So I'm finally back to myself. Feeling Alive, Whole & Holy!

I intend to get back to writing and sharing more of my journey like I used to. Last 2 years I've been in a new space of work, feeling grounded and abundant and that took my focus away from writing, but now I am feeling the wave opening back I am catching it!

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