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What do you Offer?

Dear men, please be ready to get very clear as to what you are offering and what is your intention for connecting with women that have established themselves in a very comfortable place.

We don’t need you.

But we desire things from you that can make us feel good & add into our Union.

So what are you able to offer to such a woman?

Because most likely she can provide the things she requires & will not be settling for your cheap co-out of “You get to have me!”

That great, I'm sure you're great and

- lets go deeper.

Can you honestly sit down and write out a list of positive qualities that you are bringing into the relationships, now where are you still a work in progress, what do you desire from her and what can you bring to her and your life together? Write it all out.

Feel into the potency of your container, and get honest if you can hold her in that too.

Conscious empowered women, will not be settling for immature and ungrounded men. I rather stay single, play open and poly fields and indulge in a vast amount of self-love and pleasure than to be with another man to mother. Mommy Aly is amazing, and yet that's not the role I desire to be with my lover and life partner.

So dear Man, If you're not planning on lifting her up and truly supporting her in ways she desires then do yourself a favor and don’t get involved.

Get your life together first and be willing to offer her something of great value.

And by “offer” I don’t mean your money, house, physical items, although yes it’s nice when you don’t live like a college frat boy. You are offering her you Essence ~ question is what's in it?


It is an art to capture a woman’s heart, and creating a container in which she can fully blossom into her Divine ISness.

You’ll never see the fullness of her gifts if you’re not willing to show up fully and claim her heart in devotion to Love.

She’ll never trust and fully surrender to you if you’re not able to navigate her deep waters aka being connected to your emotions and honoring your feminine self.

She will test you. Call you out. Create opportunities for you to show up and if you pass, you might be that lucky guy. But in truth this isn’t luck. This is deliberate co-creation and the pursuit of the Sacred Union that so many of us deeply crave for.

The return of the Sacred Marriage and Sacred family is upon us.

Choose LOVE, because it has already chosen you.

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