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Spiritual Trends, Staying Aware

I wanted to share something that has caught my attention and I think its important to bring this into awareness as I do see this is on the rise.

Spirituality has become a major trend.

A very profitable market for services and merchandise.

All the spiritual merchandise, shops, medicine and services offered to help you heal, transcend, find your soul mate etc...

People are jumping on the train seeing that this is now a very profitable market for those who are just tipping their toes into self-evolution.

I've heard that this will be happening so I'd like to offer a word of caution. Not all spiritual people are actually connected to Love. We need to realize that this world is filled with dark energies, of beings that are here for the reason of keeping you in the dark. Luciferian energy is all through out, majorly in our governments, pharmaceutical, media, food and oil industries. But also through out lingering inside people who haven't reached a pure self-awareness which leads them to work from fear and feed of those Souls who are coming into awakening. There are Masons who are recruiting new comers into their "magic" and knowledge circles just to feed you fear and take your energy without you even knowing it.

Medicine circles are also filled with facilitators that are mostly out for the money, and who do not hold proper space for people to heal and awaken.

Most of this you wont know until you are aware of it and/or personally experience it. Until you experience a strange shift where you feel you're being guided just to then feel more fear and anger for the world.

We have to be caution to whom we trust with leading us into the Light, there are many signs to watch out for but mostly its staying present and not being gullible. Our intuition is our biggest guide, that is if yours is developed enough to recognize ill intentions behind someones eyes.

That's why we need to learn how to SEE people, look them into eyes, and feel their energy. Not just listen to their words and promises.

We are on the edge of huge collective shift and Dark forces are in fear of loosing their power, so now they are after all those who are still living in fear, instilling more anger, hate, materialism and greed into their subconscious minds. If you're watching news and reading newspapers a lot of your subconscious programming is happening directly through that.

All this stuff is so subtle that an average human has NO CLUE! So it is my intention to bring awareness to you, so that you can do the same for your family and friends.

We must know that living in Light is a commitment. Spirituality is a path of courage, strength and trust in Love not fear!

Notice where does fear show up in your life. ~ Where are the distractions? ~ Where is the connection to living in love feels weak. ~ Who are the people who drain you, take advantage of you?~

~ Where do you feel like your life can use more Love?

Ask and pray to the Light of Source its self, no need for the middleman.

Not all beings who claim to be of light are Light!

Use your discernment.

This work isn't for the weak of hearts or minds. Spiritual Awakening is a process of unlearning and unbecoming years of conditioning. Its about becoming your own God and trust your connection to love.

Do your research,

find out your own truth,

trust your intuition,

get to know yourself,

and trust - as you are, your own Guide!

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