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The Dimension of Thought

Within the dimensions of the mind, your thoughts are the guiding posts to the future that have yet to manifest. If you look into your thoughts you will know what is yet to come. And once you are able to access this dimension with full intention and awareness, and then consciously mold that space into what it is that you actually desire to create, then your reality is guaranteed to be that which you consciously chose to access.

But first... is the path towards accessing the dimension of thoughts. Your thoughts specifically.

Because once you access that space, it’s not just your thoughts you might hear but the thoughts of others around you, so then comes the journey of learning which thoughts are yours and which aren’t, and that’s the fun journey of becoming a conscious and deliberate Creator.

If it was easy, everyone would do it. And truth is most people do do it, but it’s the unconscious thoughts running in the background molded by the ego, fear and societal structures that are keeping people in the loops of manifesting lives they dont feel satisfied by.

so I invite you to start listening to the voice in your head when you’re driving, doing dishes, zoning out or any task that lets you slip away and enter the realm of thoughts. And from there watch the conversation. Who is talking? What is being said?

If you’re just the beginner pay attention to the how are your thoughts will tend to jump into future scenarios. Creating situations that haven’t happened yet. Accessing space of dreaming, over analyzation, and playing out potential desired outcomes. And too, notice when you hear thoughts of the past, elaborating on suggestions of what could have been said, what should have been said, creating a new argument despite the argument already have happened in real time. Notice and observe the thoughts that want to dwell in the past.

With time you will be able to quiet your mind and become a silent observer of the thought dimension. At that point you will consciously choose to only enter that state when you’re ready to think about that what you desire to invite and manifest into reality or if you need to solve a problem.

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