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Holistic Wellness for Your

Mind, Body, Soul, & Home

Holistic wellness is based on the premise that optimal health does not only entail the absence of disease but upon the living balance of the “whole” person.
The mind, body, spirit, and our environment are integrated and inseparable.
The more we understand how our energy body works, how it flows, what affects it, what causes blocks and stagnation, the more control we will gain over our health and ultimate well being!

About Intro

Hello & Welcome!

My name is Aly and I offer creative holistic solutions

for the transformation of your Mind, Body, Soul & Home!

I use a holistic healing approach and teach wellness practices that help you live a conscious and mindful life where wellness embodies all aspects of your Being.

I offer Spiritual Guidance and Emotional Support sessions, Energy Healing, Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork, Holistic Lifestyle coaching, Tantra and Conscious Sexuality education all through group and 1:1 sessions.

I see myself as an inspirational speaker and a New Age spiritual leader whose purpose is to be a way shower and to lay out the foundation for living a conscious and empowered life.


I aspire to educate, support and empower people,
to share tools and resources and to be a
Beacon of light, hope and inspiration to everyone
I come in contact with.

Enjoy exploring my website, and when you feel inspired to work with me, I will look forward to connecting with you!


My Gifts

I am well rounded in many holistic healing modalities to support you and your unique journey. My energy work is soft, gentle and calming, my guidance is quiet and supportive. I am an intuitive healer and a channel and I hold beautiful space for my clients and no session is alike. Depending on your needs I blend and mix different therapies to accommodate you and your desired intentions.
If you have questions about any of my services please email me, my Temple is currently located in Fort Lauderdale FL.
  • Vibrational Energy Healing
  • Reiki & Chakra Balancing
  • Crystal Bowls Sound Healing
  • Spiritual Life Guidance
  • Transformational Coaching
  • Relationship & Intimacy Coaching
  • Tantric Rituals for Couples
  • Educational/Inspirational Workshops
  • Sacred Ceremonies and Rituals
  • Private Yoga & Thai Bodywork
  • Tantric & Sacred Sexuality Education
  • Womb & Sexual Energy Healing
  • Sensual Touch / Goddess Therapy
  • Home Organization, Cleaning and Clearing

Writing journey

For the longest time, I struggled with the question: How do you express yourself creatively?

Growing up I thought that the answer had to be in the realms of dancing, singing, art or playing music. Even though I was in choreography for seven years, and did go to school for art, I never found that to be more than an occasional hobby.

And then a had a realization, that actually I really love to write, to share and to philosophize life. I never thought of it to be my creative expression because it was right under my nose, being done unknowingly each time I felt an inspirational wave come over me, but now I can see it clearly. I believe it started 3-4 years ago is when I started truly writing. Triggered by my spiritual awakening, my mind was flooded with new information and reflections that I knew I had to start sharing. All a sudden my philosophical outlook on life and what it means to be a human started shifting and my writing has begun to take its own course. 


I began sharing knowledge, wisdom, insights and personal reflections of my own journey and my story has become my style for writing. I know that stories are healing, and we all are storytellers. I often talk about how if more of us would start sharing our truth, the more we'd understand how similar we all are, and that we all are just humans trying to figure life out and be happy. A lot of my writing is about the journey of awakening, spirituality, self-development, healing, mindfulness and inspiration and motivation to keep following your dreams and living your best life.

If you wish to get to know me, read my posts, on my blog, my Facebook and Instagram. I put my heart and soul into sharing my truth and often it is Divinely inspired. Hidden messages are lingering in places you'd never think and guidance of Spirit is present when you least expect it. 

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live your truth, follow your passion, walk in purpose
remember who you are

The time is now

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