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Accepting all of Life

Today I would like to ask you to stop seeing things as good or bad and to stop judging experiences based on our limited human perception, but rather start looking at everything as an opportunity to grow!

Also helps to drop into a knowing that everything that is happening is for your own higher and greater good, and its all Divinely orchestrated by the Higher Presence.

See there is a perfect balance in all of existence. Yin Yang symbol is the perfect representation of the opposites in our world and how we need both sides in order to fully appreciate everything as a whole. You cant have one without the other. You wouldn't know love without pain, day without night, black without white.

No one wants to experience pain, discomfort, uncertainty, trauma, suffering and loss. Yet those are aspects of life that some of us will experience more than others, simply because that's what human life is about. Feeling shit that is uncomfortable and growing through it. Depending on where you are on your path and what lessons you came here to learn, you will be presented with opportunities that will push you into feeling and experiencing that for which you came here to learn and grow from.

If we can stop looking at things as good and bad but rather it is ALL JUST IS! A neutrality comes over us and we get to see things more clearly. It is important to not drop into the victim stage and blame others or yourself, but to see it beyond that and find the lesson in what your Soul is trying to learn here.

You can do this consciously or not. Life goes on with or without your awareness. However it does help to become aware of what is happening to move through these cycles and to not get stuck in pain.

You decide!

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