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Having boundaries triggers others who don't have boundaries.

Having boundaries is an act of self-love, and for me is a non-negotiable.

The biggest fears that might show up for those who are just starting their journey of setting healthy boundaries are fears of not being liked, being perceived as a 'bitch', 'asshole' or 'high maintenance', fearing you'll be alone and left out. All of which are coming from the exterior perception of those who most likely enjoyed walking all over you.

Have no fear!

As those aren't the individuals you truly want to surround yourself with anyhow, so don't fear losing people who never fit into your vortex, to begin with.

YOUR PEOPLE will respect your boundaries. PERIOD. Everyone else...will be challenged and awakened by your radical acts of self-love.

You want to learn what its like to live in peace? Learn to say NO!

Learn what a "Hell Yess!" feels like in your body. Learn what a "Hell No" feels like in your body.

Your body is your compass to understanding what and where your boundaries lie. Your peace and joy is in your decisions, time to take charge of your life experience!

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