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Can you have it all?

I decided: I can have it all!

I asked this question in my fb feed few days ago and the response wasn’t in that favor. People say there is “universal balance” , law of give and take and the sacrifice of some sort.

So since I create my own reality I call bullshit and say I Can Have It All! Law of attraction will back me up. I doubted myself for a moment thinking hmm who am I to have it all but then I looked in the mirror and saw God and all came clear. My beliefs create my reality, so therefor it is so!

And let’s be clear that having “it all” means something different to each of us. For me it’s not what it is for most people, and no I do not need millions and fancy cars and big home, my having it all is something unique and precious to me. My needs are different from yours and so are my desires. And with this Lions gate portal in full effect I stand here and claim my life, and my creation!

I have faith, and I trust in God and myself that I am able to and am living the most fulfilling, passionate, joyful and adventurous life I desire!

I am a Queen of my Kingdom, a Goddess of many sorts, a Healer with a purpose and a Human who is figuring out what the hell is going on here.

I live by my rules, humble in service to God, myself and humanity. I stay conscious and present with my thoughts and use deliberate intention, sacred rituals and a lot of self love to tune myself to the highest frequency of love to create a beautiful life!

I understand that it’s not always going to be easy and I am ready to push through the bullshit of my own limiting beliefs to clear my energy and Rise Up!

We need to stop the self-pity, self-sabotage and self-denial of the truth of who we are. The New Earth is here and I hold the light coded of its awakening. And no one will stop me in living my truth and honor. I love myself enough now to say no to bullshit and anything or anyone that doesn’t value the essence of the I Am.

So yes, I have chosen, I believe, I Know and I Create!

What about you, where are you limiting yourself from living the life you so deeply desire?

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