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Divine Sisterhood, Full Moon Gathering

Last night I got to feel so many incredible emotions and sensations. The theme of our Full Moon Goddess gathering felt as of "Women that run with the wolfs".

Four of my soul sisters and I gathered under the moonlight on the warm south Florida beach! We truly embraced ourselves in our purity and innocence. Feeling the warm salty breeze on my naked body, foamy watery waves washing over my feet as we walked through the waters, divine feminine energy of the moon penetrated us as we laid and bathe in its delicious light.

Sister circle couldn't have been defined any greater. Our nurturing evening was paired with pool, sauna and hot tub conversations. We all synched up in our life experiences and shared from our hearts. Last night defined THE moon gathering of the Feminine Divine.

I pray for all women to find this kind of Sisterhood.

Where you can be free, open, and authentic.

A place where there is only love, acceptance, and compassion.

Paired with laughter, tears, and joy!

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