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Doing "The Work" in Spirituality

What does it mean to do "The Work" when it comes to our spiritual awakening?

For anyone who has been on this journey for a while, it has become very clear that once we choose the path towards self-awareness that the road gets harder and more complex as we dive deeper into pealing of the layers of our old self.

When we chose to live consciously we face our darkest fears and deal with deep emotional wounds that are necessary for our healing and awakening. The work is the act of facing all that is preventing us from seeing the light in our self and in others.

The work is 24/7 of being present with what shows up, how we react and how we think.

The work is going into deep meditations seeking answers within, the work is facing our truth and our desires. The work is building the connection to our Higher Self and aligning to our Source.

The work is going into shadow self and healing our inner child. The work is purging and hurting during medicine circles. The work is keeping yourself clear and open. The work is changing your lifestyle so that you can raise your vibration. The work is letting go, forgiving and moving on towards what is best for you. The work is practicing patience and compassion even though you might now understand why the world is the way it is.

Each day we do something that is considered WORK, as in we are working on our self to better our self, so that we can unbecome all that we thought we were, and re-awaken into our Truth!

The work is you and me, sharing our journey, inspiring and motivating others to pursue theirs!

So keep on going and never stop, know that you matter, and your existence alone is a gift of God and that collectively we are weaving the threads of love and wisdom throughout Mother Earth, as we creating a new way of Living and Being!

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