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Fear of Making a Wrong Choice

How do we know if we are making the right decisions or not?

Personally, I am quite indecisive, and to be honest here I often fear making the wrong choice. I will analyze, overthink, compare and seek external validation before coming down to my own decision. No one can tell me what to do, because if so I might do the opposite just because. The inner rebel struggles to surrender and trust in my self. I see her, I cry with her, I feel her struggles.

Truth is .... there are no 'wrong choices' there are just choices.

It is our human mind and label-oriented world that sees things in duality as good/bad, happy/sad, right/wrong.

To Spirit and our Souls journey, it is all just is.

A choice is just a choice.

Yes it will lead you accordingly but there is no judgment from the Spirit of what we choose, as we have our free will.

When making tough choices we have to learn to trust.

Trust in us, trust in our Higher self, in our inner guidance that tells us what feels right for us at that moment. Sometimes we gotta set the mind, and emotions aside and sit with what feels right. Sometimes it takes time to settle the waters and see things more clearly. Whatever process is right for you, is your process.

In some choices, we will act selfishly in others selfless, regardless of which, when choice is made intentionally it is Divine. And it is the right one.

So Let it go, and let God. Surrender, Trust, You got this, There is a lesson in it all, Breath in and breath out, Life goes on, and so will you!

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