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Goddess Empowerment

"Women who are magnetic have cultivated an inner confidence. They exude self-surety, and they have internal validation. Feminine magnetism operates from a place of love and freedom instead of fear and attachment. Being feminine is being strong, confident, youthful, having emotional maturity, and being playful.⁠” ~ Nora Wendel

There is nothing greater than knowing who you are, knowing and owning your worth, being mature yet playful and taking full responsibility for your life.

I used to want a man to support, provide and take care of me. So I lived that life.

Now reflecting back I see how much of myself I was over-giving trying to 'balance" give and take, and how much I was actually missing when it came to unconditional love, pure intimacy and true freedom.

Now I give all those things to myself, and the only thing I care about is my partner's presence, love, and loyalty.

I know so many women settle in relationships that make them feel comfortable in the physical realm, but with time the lack of true connection for deepened intimacy surfaces, just to realize that they are now stuck, in a 'comfortable' relationship that isn't serving their hearts or Souls.

Why are we selling ourselves so short?

Because many women have yet to connect to their own Masculine and are living through a wounded Feminine that fears life as an independent powerful woman.

Well let me tell you this, I've been there. I sat in that wounded fearful Feminine role, controlling and nagging, taking care of womanly things, while inside I felt unfulfilled because what I was truly desiring wasn't comfort provided by a partner (although it was so nice and yes I've enjoyed all of it) but it was his unconditional love, intimacy and presence that I was truly craving.

I havent shared much about my past break-up and how much it has affected me in the way it ended, all I can say is that I am damn proud of the woman I became because of him and our time together. I've learned many lessons and took good parts of him with me, I've learned where I was wrong and how it led me to a path of starting over.

I stand now tall, proud and fulfilled. Having in my life all that I've desired. Building an incredible conscious Tantra business, living in a beautiful home, sharing sacred relationships and melting into a love that is overflowing and teaching me what life is all about.

I am grateful. Thankful. Joyous and Ecstatic for life each day I open my eyes. I created this! Through my intention, surrender and spiritual wisdom that has supported me through all the hard times.

My message to all of humanity is to step into YOUR POWER!

Stop playing small!

Empowerment through grace, honor and integrity is your Sacred tool!


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