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How to be a conscious cannabis smoker

This blog is based on my opinion, personal experience, and preference. This isn’t medical advice or suggestion of any kind. User discretion is advised.

I was never an avid smoker of Cannabis, pot, weed, ganja, marijuana, mary-jane or however you might call this sacred plant. I used to prefer smoking herbal blends made out of lotus flower, mugwort, chamomile, and other plants. But ever since being in a relationship with a heavy smoker I had a chance to discover this plant in many other ways. Some were fun, euphoric and sensual, others were heavy, uncomfortable and scary. Someone said “You can’t die from weed”, yes perhaps not but it can make you very very uncomfortable in large doses. And I’ve been on both sides of the scale. Now I get to re-balance and bring more awareness and consciousness into my smoking practice seeing how it can benefit me when done properly.

So here I share with you my take on making your smoking practice a sacred experience.

1. Firstly you need to understand and know why it is you are smoking Cannabis in the first place. Weed, just like any other substance, can be used for you and against you.

You get to decide.

It is beautiful to start building a relationship with this plant and to come to it with sacredness, honor, and respect. So knowing why you are smoking is the foundation of your smoke practice.

- Do you smoke first thing in the morning because you need it to wake up?

- Do you do it when you’re bored and have nothing to do?

- Do you do it to procrastinate? Unconsciously even?

- What about to numb emotions and feelings?

- To disconnect and let go?

The most common saying is that weed helps people to relax, unwind and reduce pain.

All that is valid and if that is your why, then perfect!

Here I am inviting you to go deeper, beyond the physical sensations and feel into the emotional space with which you smoke weed and how does it truly affect your life?

2. Respect the plant. Come to it with honor, gratitude, and reverence. Talk to it, greet it, find your own way to connect with it.

3. Keep it in a special, clean, airtight container. If you wanna be fancy add in a special treasure box in which you can keep all your smoke tools and herbs. Want to be extra fancy, put a selenite crystal in that box to keep the energy clear and high (no pun intended).

4. Make a ritual out of every smoke. Have a special bowl or a pipe, or very nice organic rolling paper.

5. Hydrate and keep around HEALTHY snacks.



I love nuts, superfood seeds, fruits, apple sauce, granola, cereal, coconut ice bar. And yes I get the late-night munchies that are also my ritual!

I love making a late night snack galore. I usually layer things into a bowl and top it off with all my superfoods like hemp, chia and sprouted watermelon seeds, along with bee pollen, goji berries, and ALMOND whip cream; especially if I’m having watermelon. I love eating watermelon with whip cream, ONLY late at night.

Honestly, I am so good at healthy late-night snacking that this whole post was inspired WHILE I was snacking. I enjoy standing in my kitchen leaning against the counter with one leg tucked into my inner thigh, looking out into my back yard , at the sky, connecting to the moon if I can see it, and being in awe of life, this experience and my time with self all while stuffing my mouth with delicious, nutrient-rich foods!


6. Practice doing specific activities while you are experiencing the effects of this plant.

Meditating, journaling, dancing, making art, making love, cleaning, reading or whatever else you come up with. Bring sacredness into what you do and allow for this medicine to enhance you, to inspire you, to open you up to more creativity, insight, and flow. Allow yourself to tap into yourself with this substance, don’t let it consume you while getting lost in yourself and the mundane.

“Don’t get lost in the weed” is my advice to you when it comes to working with this plant. Too much of it takes you out and disconnects you from the intention. Not to mention pulls you out of being present, makes you tired and sleepy and prones you into unhealthy eating cravings.

So be mindful and know your limit. Experience, have fun and play with it. And know that it is too medicine, and can be used for deep healing work, as well as an ascension tool when used intentionally.

May the smoke be with you.

Share this article if it resonated with you and tell me if you have your own sacred practice with smoking Cannabis.

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