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I Am Fearless


Beware for I am fearless,

for I am powerful.

Sinking deeper into my truth and calling.

Shedding layers of the old self, feeling more connected to my body and my Spirit.

Walking through the uncertainty, with greater vision in my heart.

Seeking true liberation of the world constructs. Life lived on the edge of rule breaking and self empowerment.

Watching my body transform as my inner world affirms who I am becoming.

Affirmations, prayers, meditation, movement, conscious eating, holistic skin care, rituals, magic and self pleasure practices all keeping me finely attuned to the higher frequencies of this reality.

Daily “work” or as I see it lifestyle. Living a Sacred Life each and every moment of my BEing here on Earth. Honoring my divine temple and carrying for its needs. I see the divine perfection in all of creation.

Boundaries between good and bad are blurring now. As everything becoming JUST IS. An experience of Now.

I surrender. I lead and guide the way towards the New Earth for which I’ve been sent here to establish, to co-create with all beings who are on this path with me.

Higher consciousness, higher vibration.

Earth where freedom, peace, love, beauty, commUnity and abundance are present!

Step into this reality with me, follow me home; it’s beautiful to be living Awakened in this Sacred Life!

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