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Leading the awakening path

In July 2017 I facilitated my 1st workshop on the Chakras, iwhich led me to creating other workshops on Manifestation, Energy Work, Full Moon and Goddess circles, the path of this work has transformed me on all levels and gave me an insight into something of great importance.

It didn't start out easy, I went from having sweaty hands and shaky voice to speaking confidently from the internal inner guidance. From planning each and every minute to surrendering to the flow and leading from my intuitive side. From having fears of "is anyone going to show up", to trusting "those that need to come, will come".

Becoming a facilitator and a sacred space holder has been a beautiful and a magical journey. Which allowed me to be a source of connection for those in attendance. I came to a realization that many of us seek the connection. Connection to knowledge, to skills, to others and ultimately to ourselves. And I became that for those who shared the sacred space with me.

Leading educational workshops, and hosting support circles has given me a chance to get out there and connect to so many beautiful souls who are on the same journey as I am. It also gave others a chance to meet like-minded individuals and make new friends to walk this journey with.

As I grew my voice, I inspired others to share theirs. As I shared my story I gave strength and motivation to others. With tears, laughter and joy many lives have changed and with the powerful intention that is deep in my heart it will continue to expand as I stay in service to love and honor my path.

You never know who you will affect by speaking out, by sharing your courage and suffering, by following the path of the unknown and uncertain. Magic lies in the unseen, but in that which is felt and trusted.

I invite you to trust in the magic that is within you, and answer the calling of your Soul!

Ignite the fire that is burning in your heart to fuel you on the mission to follow your unique path and your authentic expression!

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