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Mind, Body, Soul Integration

How much do we understand what it truly means to integrate our Mind, Body and Soul into this human existence?

Is there an aspect that you have yet committed to carrying for?

It’s not about one or the other, all three shall be balanced and understood to awaken to your whole being wellness and balance.

Mind: recognizing the thoughts in your head, the patterns of your behavior, the reactions to exterior situations. Learning to control what comes in and out. Through the practice of self-awareness, self-development and mindfulness.

Body: recognizing what habits are hurting your internal wellbeing. Are you drinking enough water, eating a nutrient rich diet, exercising and moving your body to not only stay fit but to allow for energies to flow as well.

Soul: recognizing how energy flows and communicates to you, knowing there is a higher presence in charge guiding you with loving intentions. Being aware that you are an energetic being therefore having daily practices that allow you to connect to your Soul, practices for clearing your energy field, balancing your Chakras, building more Chi within yourself for the cultivation of higher frequencies so that you can sustain and understand that Soul connection.

Your wholeness is within accumulation and understanding of daily practices that allow you to connect your Mind, Body and Soul into one expression of you.

Staying grounded, connected, and centered is the path towards living in harmony and balance.

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