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Missing "Home"

As more time and years go on, I’m sinking deeper into human life - and sometimes it is scary of all the things that are happening, of all the emotions, fears, patterns and beliefs and experiences that are starting to brick on top of one another , and even though I do a lot of energetic cleansing and purification practices, I cant seem to let go of fears about accumulating too much resentment of this limited life which would put heaviness on my soul.

I guess some days I feel heavy from the realization that being awake is taking on a massive responsibility for all of myself and my life.

Perhaps it’s just getting older, perhaps it’s just life.

I don’t want to get heavy, I don’t want to feel burdened by life.

I know my Spirit is free and I want that to stay so while I’m in the body for this temporary cycle of life as Aly.

I don’t seek a pity party this is just a reflection that which perhaps can mirror something back to you.

I know life is beautiful, magical and abundant. I also know that I am in a human form, which is oh so limited. Limited by our senses, by the gravity, by the mental and physical states, by the pain and suffering of the world as a whole. Perhaps this is why I love to sleep, because there, all limitations disappear, as I can lift away from this dimensional reality and fly free.

Some days I rejoice in the human life experience and all its glory, other days I cry missing the feeling of home, the feeling of true freedom.

I seek to feel free, be at peace and in harmony, for at the core i know I Am.

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