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Modern dating, old ways of relating.

Artist Unknown, photo from Google Images.

The problem with men that I find a bit of an issue is that most are used to the game of "Chase and Hunt" when it comes to women.

The old ways of playing games and hard to get... Now that women are stepping out in their Divine Feminine power and are coming out open expressing their interest and desires throws men off, because now its like you're on the spot and you don't have a game plan, and you're not in control! A fear that she might be too much, too strong, too obvious or whatever else arises in the mind is going to be blocking you from experiencing the awakening of your Divine Masculine where you learn to surrender and let go and accept love from the Goddess essence that chooses to show up for you.

So much healing is taking place for both essences right now, things are shifting and the Sacred Union is not going to allow for the old fears and games to inter -FEAR with what true and authentic connection can bring.

We must let go of the old patterns of relating to one another and stop the games and assumptions of what HIS and HER roles are. And just BE! Show up fully, and authentically as you are!

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