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My Tantric Awakening

Eight months ago I started my conscious Tantric Priestess Awakening. I was triggered by one of the girls who attended my Goddess circle who shared with me her own path of this deep healing work. I never connected to sex in ways I knew was possible, until my recent years. I’ve been practicing little Tantra in my own ways here and there with self and my partner but it wasn’t conscious. Over the last few months, several books , videos, podcasts, and tons of research later I decided to fully commit to this path and signed up for a Tantric Priestess certification training.

Tantra isn’t about sex as most westerners see it, although sex is part of this practice, there are many facets that lead into this lifestyle. Tantra is a whole new way of living that introduces an intimate connection to everything and everyone. You learn to tune in your awareness fully into each moment allowing you to see beauty, Union and feel pleasure from all your senses and experiences.

This path is Sacred and is filled with much depth of inner work and awakening. Sexual energy is our life force, our creative juice for manifesting Life, so to me learning Tantric practices of channeling that energy into greater things is an essential part of becoming whole and inviting more magic and bliss into my life!

At this time I am studying Tantra from Indian as well as Chinese philosophies. Learning the shamanic healing of sexual energies and figuring out how I can apply all these tools in my own unique healing practice.

As my life coaching practice evolved I realized that I have a lot of passion for relationship coaching and helping people find deeper intimacy and connection with their partners. Tantra Yoga and learning about Sacred Sexuality is a great path to that. So as times goes on and I continue evolving my knowledge and gathering more tools I look forward to working more in this area. Teaching people how to bring out passion, authentic intimacy, open communication and feel the bliss of life.


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