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My Yoga Journey

I honestly do not remember how and when I got to my first yoga class but I do know it was back when  I was still in college. I signed up for a local one month trial at a near by studio and I went almost every day. At that point it was just a fitness activity that slowly became a complement to my already curious mind of the connection between the mind, body and souls hat I slowly started to explore.

I didn't stick to it after the trial ended but I did continue going to the gym and having a some what of a new awareness of my body. As time went by I've spoken to few friends who have also started their journey and was introduced to a new Hot Vinyasa community class.

I loved the teacher who taught these Thursday night classes, Edie Raphael. Her presence was spectacular and cool lavender towels following a 90 minute hot flow left me completely in awe. The seeds were planted.

I looked into getting my yoga license shortly before my move to Orlando, and I even signed up for a 2 part training, which I ended up canceling. More as to why later in the story.

After my move to Orlando in 2016 I started going to the gym regularly and one thing I found most enjoyable, was the last 20 minutes during which I take my time to stretch. I loved stretching and always thought "This is something I'd love to teach", the art of opening up the body, the muscles, the joints was fascinating to me, the slow, deep, gentle practice is what was attractive to me. There were times when I found stretching to be a euphoric activity that made me feel so good on the inside and I knew I had to share this experience with others.

When I originally signed up for the teacher training I knew little about the different styles of yoga, and it is one of the reasons why I am so glad I ended up holding back on it. Over the next year of living in Orlando, I tried different styles and was very serious about committing to a full 30 day Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training program in India. I still hesitated, because for some reason going to India just didn't resonate with me 100%. 

It wasn't until I hit a dark point in my life in February 2018 where I was earning for an escape, a retreat, a vacation, something! I spoke to my girlfriend and she encouraged me to go somewhere I really wanted to. Hawaii has been calling me for years, and with a simple google search "Hawaii retreats" , MY training has found me! 

I've found all that I've been looking for. A 200 YTT along with vacation and a deep healing retreat with 20 other women! Soul Ascension Healing Arts program with Molly and Surya is what I've been waiting on for 2 years, and why none of the other training's' resonated with me. 

It all made sense then!

The seeds were sprouting!

This training offered me a teaching in four different styles of yoga: Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa and Kundalini. I loved that element of it because I had more tools to add to my toolbelt! Hawaii was so beautiful and healing. It offered me a new and such expansive perspective on life along with all the connections and realizations that took place over that month.

I feel blessed to have waited for this training as it truly gave me ALL I ever wanted from a yoga program. Now looking back, I am finally a Yoga Teacher. The seeds from few years back, were now harvested! 

My yoga journey began way before I became a teacher, and most of my yoga isn't event on my mat. In fact I will be honest to say that I do not have a daily physical yoga practice, but I do love my daily mini stretches. I get on the mat when i feel inspired, but most of my yoga is done off the mat. In my lifestyle, in the way I think, I act, I give and just the way I am, is my yoga.

See, yoga is a philosophy, its vast and infinitely connected to your own evolving path. My yoga started in the mind, then moved to my connection to Spirit, and lastly it has hit the body!

We each make yoga our own. And for me I feel much passion to teach people the simple things, such as stretching the body, along with wellness as a lifestyle. My classes are easy, simple and for any level. When I do share a more advanced practice I care to see proper form and adjustments. I enjoy sharing with my students what is important in each pose and guide them away from potential injuries. When inspired I share my voice of wisdom of my life experiences and I love to guide people deeper into postures with hands-on adjustments. Depending on the mood my class might incorporate essential oils, oracle cards or signing bowls during shavasana. 

When it comes to the physical side of yoga I am still very elementary, and I am okay to admit that. However the yoga of the mind is something I focus on a bit more. To me the practice of mindful living and conscious choice making is what takes up majority of my yoga life.

So day by day, I strive to go a little deeper, whether its inside the straddle stretch, the stilling of the mind or connecting to my Source. I do my best, and hope to inspire others to do the same!

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