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Six tips to Awaken Divine Feminine, Shakti Force

My entire spiritual journey and work has been about full EMBODYMENT and the awakening of the Shakti energy.

One of my life missions is to support the ascension of the planet by awakening and becoming a clear channel for the Divine Feminine energy to work through me and share that with everyone that crosses my path.

Mother Earth has been held in dark controlling and ruthless patriarchy for many decades and now we are in the times of great shifts because the Feminine is re-awakening and activating in women to bring back the balance, peace, and harmony back to Earth.

To awaken the Shakti energy within us, that is to connect to our Divine creative life force itself of softness, grace, creativit and sensuality.

This shift is heavily taking place in women, who as the physical expressions of the Feminine have been suppressed, neglected, abused and ignored.

But times are changing now and we can see how this powerful force is spreading through the globe in full activation and awakening.

Shakti is connected to our sensuality, the primal life-force that surges through us.

It’s where our creative juices spring from, where our passionate, loving self resides.

Once awakened, life becomes more enjoyable, we more readily attract and manifest what we desire, and instead of feeling trampled by life, we start to fall in love with it (as we learn to fully love ourselves).

Here are six tips for how to connect to your Divine Feminine essence and Shakti lifeforce:

#1 Embrace Your Body Fully

Your body is your temple, and it is where your Soul will spend the rest of your days here on this plane, so if you are going to be in it, then learn to LOVE IT!

No one is perfect, yet there is perfection in us all. The more you can learn to feel comfortable in your skin, and embrace your body as a beautiful expression of the Divine Feminine form the better.

#2 Take Care of Your Health

To fully embrace the feminine, it is important to embrace the nurturing side that is within you. And that nurturing needs to first be turned inward. How do you nurture yourself? What are you eating? What are you putting on and inside of your body? How are you talking to yourself? What kind of environment do you live in?

All these questions are the guides to determine the state of your wellness.

#3 Pleasure is Your Birthright

Our bodies were designed for pleasure. The best way to connect to pleasure is to feel deeply into your body and to consciously experience all of your senses. We were gifted the ability to taste, smell, hear, see and feel life. When some people hear the word ‘pleasure’ they might associate it with sexual pleasure, and although yes sexuality is a big aspect of how we can feel into pleasure (more on that coming up) let's not avoid all the other ways that we can find pleasure in our day-to-day life.

Your senses are the gateway in. Feel your skin responding to the temperature around you right now, what about feeling the softness of your favorite shirt. Allow your gaze to receive the color, light, shadow and beauty around you. Let your ears feel the sound of the wind chimes or let your tongue savor in the flavors of your favorite meal. Pleasure and bliss is all around you, once you know how to lean into it.

#4 Embrace Your Sexuality

As a Tantric Practitioner and a Sacred Sexuality educator, this is one of my favorite topics. We cannot be fully embodied if we do not embrace our sex. In western culture, there is a big lack of conscious sexual education, and topics on sex are very taboo in our conversations. For women to embrace their sexuality, it is essential to connect to your womb space. Taking time to look at yourself and your genitals will be the most profound experience of your life if you have yet to do it. I find that so many women have never seen their vulvas due to the shame, guilt and the stigma of “being dirty” or “good girls don’t do that”, that its no wonder why so many women are disconnected from sexual pleasure all together. Sex is not supposed to be painful, its a beautiful blissful experience that has been given to you by creator and it is time you start reclaiming your power.

Learn about your pleasure, what you like and what you don't like, explore with yourself and connect to your sexuality in a sacred and conscious way. If you have experienced sexual trauma then find a healer, therapist or someone with whom you can work on releasing that, when we carry sexual abuse it is stored in your vaginal tissues as hardened emotional energy which causes discomfort, pain and unpleasant attitude towards sex.

#5 Move Your Body

Shakti is not a stagnant force, it is there to flow so find a way to let it do that, daily! My personal and favorite way is through sensual stretching. In fact, I call my sessions as orgasmic stretch dance, because I’ve now discovered so much pleasure in this practice that it’s never painful but delicious and erotic. Some might find other forms of physical activity that are in alignment with them. The point is to NOT THINK and just be in the energy as it flows through your body and allow for it to take you on a journey of exquisite movement. Ecstatic dance events are great for releasing Shakti and being in a room with others doing the same!

#6 Bring in the Sacred Connection

Once you connect to this force, trust that it will start working with you and through you. Its not so much you, although it is within you. This energy is collective and is within Mother Earth, its primal, alive and flowing as all of creation. So Invite you to make a ritual and call forth this beautiful awakening into your life and ask it for help, support, and guidance and watch as your life will begin to unfold.

And don't forget that this is a journey, the more you drop into your Divine Feminine and Shakti force the more it can flow and guide you.

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