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Slightly Un-Enlightened

"The spiritual community is some what of a joke these days. The moment we gain a little bit of enlightenment we immediately want everyone to know just how special we are. Look at me, I'm a light worker. Look at me, I'm a shaman. Look at me, I'm a star seed.

We're all light workers. Everything is light. We're all star seeds, we come from the stars. We're all made of star dust, therefore we're all aliens to some degree. We're of this planet and yet we are not.

And just because we may have done some drugs back in the day, or recently had a spiritual awakening after an Ayahuasca ceremony, doesn't make us a shaman. Unless we've been initiated into true shamanic lineages, which takes many years of hard work and practice, we shouldn't claim otherwise.

Why do we have this need for false titles? I think it's our ego trying to separate us from our source. I encourage all to seek the greater mysteries in silence. To work on healing ourselves of our past traumas, and then we just simply share our story in an effort to help and uplift others. We get so caught up in claiming fancy titles, with all these special abilities, often to seek fortune and fame, but let us not forget to remain humble. Integrity and humility are two things I find most people are lacking these days.

True initiates don't claim false titles. They don't claim special abilities. They work in the veil of the night. They seek liberation within and never seek attention or accolades for all they know. They simply share their journey and things they've learned, while remaining humble, always striving for greater growth. They don't dangle keys, the path, or "the way" in front of us. They are nothing but charlatans, and they are everywhere. I know a few on here myself, you may even be reading this right now, completely oblivious to your own demise.

I understand it's exciting when we first start having spiritual breakthroughs, and we quickly want to share how amazing and special it was, but again, this only connects us to the "I" which is our ego. I think it's imperative we remain silent in our work.

I think to do otherwise, is to not have a full understanding of how the chaos in this magical Universe works. Not to mention, there are very real dangers that lurk when people are not fully ready to receive the greater mysteries, that can greatly effect our physical health and mental wellbeing.

So let us strip ourselves of all these empty titles and get back to our connected roots. Everything we need to know can be found within and on the shoulders of our ancestors. We should guide people to go within and to seek wisdom from the past. It's a dangerous game we play when we start making false claims to pry on the innocence of our peers. The moment I stopped seeking praise and attention for all I knew, veils started to lift, and tiny doors of light began to slowly open up. I like to think the Universe reveals her secrets to us based upon the merits of our heart.

I will never claim to not have an ego. I have one, we all do and anyone that says otherwise is lying, not only to you, but to themselves. I also do not claim to be an initiate of anything, because I am not. I'm simply a student of the occult, which means I seek to know the unknown. I seek annihilation and liberation within.

I don't have any special abilities, nor do I have any special titles. I'm not a light worker, I work in the dark. I'm not an empath, I simply have intuition, we all do, but some are more connected to it than others. That doesn't make me or them any more special. I'm not a star seed, an indigo, or anything else. I'm simply a flawed work of art, in progress.

There's an epidemic within these spiritual communities. It's a contest of who knows more, who's right, who's wrong, and I see very few people actually putting in the work. Most people are too busy trying to prove something, when in reality, we have nothing to prove to anyone but ourselves. The real work is in the doing, it's never in the saying.

Maybe if we stop trying to convince everyone of how much we think we may know, and stop talking about all the special and amazing things we think we may do, and instead, we start putting in the real work, we can begin to see the fruits of our labor. Once we get to a place where we may actually know something, we may find it hard to express with words, because although it is inside me, it is also beyond me, and by some sacred geometrical design, it doesn't feel entirely my own."

Beautiful and powerful words

© Written by Carrie Love Ξ

I resonated so much with this post, so I wanted to share it with you guys as well!

It is not about titles any longer, it's about your own work and integrity when no one is watching!

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