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Social Media: It's not what it seems

I am pretty quick at seeing others and noting their success. Seeing how far they’ve come and what they have built for themselves.

It’s easy to see others through the lense of social media and assume what their journey has been like. Truth is, you and I have no idea. Most people only post their happy moments and the highest accomplishment of their success. You don’t see posts of what happens in between. In between isn’t pretty, it’s not social media “likes” worthy, so you don’t see it.

I’ve been having a weird attitude toward social media over the last few weeks, a sense of “I’m tired” has been showing up. Tired of showing up. Tired to show up looking “perfect” and “inspirational”, when my reality hasn’t been anything close to that.

Dealing with a new move pre and post anxiety, not having had work in couple weeks added to all the new expenses of moving into my new home, dealing with a sudden health situation that took a heavy expense to resolve, financially, physically and emotionally. My body has been aching, and mild anxiety in constant linger of “what’s next?”.

Thankfully I turn to my spirituality to guide me through tough times, I turn to my greatest master #myFaith ! I believe that I am going through a shift, it feels like a charging up and letting go before I get launched into something new.

I feel it. I’ve experienced this before.

So I’m gonna tell you this my friends, sit back and give yourself some credit!

I know you go through things you tell no one about. I know you feel pain, sadness and anger. I know you cry and feel helpless. But give yourself some credit, you’ve come a long way! Stop holding on and release the past, give yourself a chance for a new and bright future!

I’ll be there with you!

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